The most important part of this project is the people that represent the various Communities as Community Newsletter Editors.

The responsibility that the Editors have is to listen and record the large and the small goings-on in the Community and to submit their news weekly for posting on the Community Website so that it can be enjoyed by everyone.

This work is completed by folks that love their Community, and believe in the value and quality that is life in small town Nebraska.

In addition to the thanks, recognition and support from the Community itself Editor's may be eligible for a weekly stipend. In larger communities that have sponsors for funding, Editors will receive a small stipend to help with their expenses. 

Stipend Payments are made to Community Editors on the following schedule:

Editor Stipends are Paid $25 per Approved Newsletter
Due at 8:01am Central TIme for posting on or before 6am each Wednesday morning.
Preferred submission would be Monday Afternoon so that changes or acceptance issues can be handled, corrected and re-submission can occur before the deadline.

Stipends are Payable on Last Wednesday of the Month at the end of the day via Check.
Unless arrangements are made to pick up the check, it will be mailed that evening.
Arrangements can be made by calling 866-932-4774 to pick up a check in Louisville.

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