The CRAMES Model:


A legal document designed to convey official status as the only genuine website on the Internet representing the City or Village that issues the Charter. This document is legally generated by the body empowered to represent the Residents and can be revoked with it's authority at anytime if the website fails to properly represent and/or serve the Community.


The content of the website is to be exclusively relevant to the Community


The content of the Website is to have the Authority to compel readers to take direction and assume validity


Website is to be actively managed to insure the accurate and relevant nature of the website content


Website is recognized and adopted as owned and embraced by the residents of the Community


Website is to encourage sponsorship revenue to reward fresh and valuable content, and incent the Editor to maintain the quality and freshness of the content

We learned that the absense of any one of the above elements will render an attempt at a Community Website lame and unworthy of any investment of time or treasure. The lack of Community investment in their website, will waste the Community attention and in a small Community it is likely to be very difficult if not impossible to recover.

For this reason, the CRAMES Model is the essence of every Nebraska Community Website Project

Both CRAMES and NCWP are Trademarks of Nebraska Community Websites Project LLc

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